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S u r v i v a l

Survival Roma

What happens if during one of our walks we are late or we have an unexpected situation and we have to manage alone in the woods or in a situation far from civilization?


How to find the way back or the best way to rescue a friend of ours and bring him to safety.

For necessity, curiosity or just to test yourself, come and follow our survival courses!

The instructors will explain and help you put into practice the best methods to orient yourself in nature, build yourself a shelter for the night or light a fire without the help of a flame, recognize edible plants from poisonous ones or know how to use them for your purposes.

All activities are closely related to the  context chosen for the course, are carried out in groups and are aimed at all ages, differentiated by level of difficulty.  

We will always do new things and we will never challenge nature too much but only ourselves!

Call 349 553 2284 or write  to

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