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T iber   R afting

Rafting Tevere Farfa

At 30 kilometers from the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the Tiber river creates two gigantic loops here, in 1979, given the ever increasing importance of the number of animal and plant species housed in the area (created by the Enel dam built in 1955) the Natural Reserve of Nazzano Tevere-Farfa.


An oasis of peace and tranquility that awaits all nature lovers who want to discover the river, fauna and nature   surrounding.


Our rafting route winds from the Torrita Tiberina landing to the reserve and will allow us to closely observe the reservoir, the fauna and flora that overlook the water.


Without being seen we will approach the animal species that inhabit the oasis: the numerous herbivores that quench their thirst, the otters, the badger or the wild boar, the birds that nest on the water such as the majestic gray heron, the mallard, the coot, the kingfisher, the mute swan, the moorhen and the famous osprey that roams constantly in search of food.


To book the excursion, call +39 349 553 2284 , provide your preference for the dates and once the minimum number to form a crew is reached, the descent will be organized.

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