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R i v e r     H i k i n g

Torrentismo Roma e Lazio

River hiking or river trekking is a form of hiking that combines the classic elements of walking with some elements taken from other sports. Traditional in Japan and popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is in some ways similar to canyoning as it is a combination of trekking and climbing which, however, applies its techniques inside a river bed.


The peculiarities of this sport are: use of particular practices such as rock climbing, climbing on wet surfaces, exploiting the understanding of the geographical characteristics of the river and valleys, learning to tie knots and studying cartography to be able to abandon the descent (or ascent) in case of need.


In Lazio our routes vary according to the period of interest and the level of the individual streams (the river bed must be sufficiently dry). Call or write us to know the best times!


All our excursions are organized by certified guides AIC, SNAFOR,  CNSAS and can be combined with both rafting descents and other outdoor activities for whole days full of fun!

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