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C a n y o n i n  g

Canyoning nel Lazio

The  canyoning  (or  canyoning) consists in the descent of narrow gorges (canyons  or  gorges) crossed by small streams. Unlike other water sports with which it is often confused (rafting,  kayak,  hydrospeed, or  canoeing  due to the English name "canoeing") you can walk along the river without the aid of  dinghy  or  canoe.


The environment in which it takes place, commonly said  gorge, is by its very nature difficult to travel. A canyoning route takes place inside gorges deeply carved into the rock, generally characterized by a steep slope. The obstacles therefore consist of waterfalls, rock jumps, slides, corridors, ponds.


In central Italy the main routes we visit are: the Prodo canyon, the Casco gorge and the famous Rocca Gelli, all of which are accessible for most of the year. If the water conditions allow it during the seasons there are many other canyons to visit, just inquire at our number or write to us!


All our excursions are organized by certified guides AIC, SNAFOR,  CNSAS and can be combined with both rafting descents and other outdoor activities for whole days full of fun!

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