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Rafting USR Lazio

Organized as part of the institutional activities of the associations affiliated with Fi.Raft. the free annual course for teachers of all Lazio schools aims to present rafting to the participating professors and the various educational ideas that this sporting activity can offer.
The course includes experiences of both rafting and other outdoor sports with the addition of basic survival techniques by integrating the theoretical lessons with the implementation of all the techniques explained.


In particular, emphasis will be placed on the following  targets:

- Illustrate the rafting technique and related safety regulations
  through explanations and practical exercises.
- Experience a low difficulty rafting descent accompanied by FIRaft Guides to make them understand the educational, socializing and naturalistic aspects.
- Prepare the crew to solve problems together.
- Provide the basis for participants to survive in cases of need.
- Show the potential of rafting as an ecological means for visiting and hiking in didactically interesting areas.

For information :  +39 349 553 2284

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