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Escursioni guidate Lazio

Technically, hiking is a motor activity based on walking along variously equipped paths outside of fixed itineraries. This practice leads to regaining possession of one's time, relaxes the mind, moves away from everyday stress by releasing nervous tension by walking for a few hours without haste, but with constant cadence, in healthy environments and in contact with greenery.


It positively affects all the functions of the body, especially the cardiovascular system. Today it is a very widespread practice that takes enthusiasts out of the cities, bringing them into contact with nature, even walking for several days.


Added value to the practice is provided by a group leader or guide who combines outdoor activities with a training function by illustrating, explaining and accompanying the participants to places unknown to most.


All our excursions are organized by certified guides AIC, SNAFOR,  CNSAS and can be combined with both rafting descents and other outdoor activities for whole days full of fun!

Camminare a Roma
Escursioni a Roma
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