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O r i e n t e e r i n g

Orienteering nel Lazio

The orienteering or orientation (in French: course d'orientation), consists in following a predefined path characterized by control points called "lanterns" with the exclusive help of a compass and a topographical map. The place where it takes place is the woods but natural environments in general can be used (in its latest evolutions also the historic centers and large cities).


A standard route consists of a departure, indicated control points (centered on the object to find or the place to visit) joined together by imaginary lines (characterized by numbers indicating the order of travel) and an arrival point .


Competitors have a description of the object to find or the place to visit and can be helped by a team leader or guide who further describes the context in which they are moving.


Our orienteering courses are carried out both within the Nazzano Regional Reserve and within the city of Rome.


All our activities are organized by certified guides AIC, SNAFOR,  CNSAS and can be combined with both rafting descents and other outdoor activities for whole days full of fun!

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