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C.  or  r  s  the     R.  And  s  c  u  And     3     THE  n  t  And  r  n  to  t  the  or  n  to  L

River Rescue Roma

The Rescue 3 standard is the most effective prevention and rescue mechanism currently available, recognized both by the teams of rescue professionals in the USA, by the National Fire Protection Association - NFPA and by the Italian voluntary organizations and the Civil Protection. The nations that adhere to this standard are: Switzerland, England, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Nepal,  United States e  Canada. For this standard, all other European countries, including Italy, are being adapted to the same guidelines.


The effectiveness of the Rescue 3 model lies within its training models which, in addition to being effective, can also be adapted to different environmental contexts and disparate areas of use.  The secret of the Rescue 3 system is to get rescuers to communicate using the same language, the same evaluation systems and choice of priorities.


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Roma Rescue Project
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