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T.  r  And  k  k  the  n  g

Guida trekking

Trekking or hiking involves motor activities based on walking, frequently but not exclusively, on dirt roads, paths and roads of various types.


We walk to discover distant places and to rediscover places close to us but forgotten, visiting beautiful places often hidden from careless and distracted gazes. An invitation to go slow to escape from the hectic world and enjoy the landscapes that nature gives us.


Walking has always been considered one of the most effective forms of exercise. It has a low ecological impact and is accessible to practically everyone but if faced with a decisive step it can also become  good aerobic exercise.


Our routes extend throughout Lazio and in the neighboring regions, and if you are looking for something strong we will be able to surprise you with new routes suitable for trained physicists!


All our excursions are organized by certified guides AIC, SNAFOR,  CNSAS and can be combined with both rafting descents and other outdoor activities for whole days full of fun!

Trekking a Roma
Trekking nel Lazio
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