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Urban   Rafting


Following the water route, in the heart of the city of Rome from Ponte Duca D'Aosta to near Ponte Sisto we will explore the city, its architecture and its history making our way between the bridges and monuments that overlook the river, the all immersed in a unique panorama in the world.


The boarding point is located under Ponte Milvio on the right side (see the image), here we will make our acquaintance and prepare for the trip. After a technical briefing on the basics of the maneuvers that are carried out in the raft we will leave for the city. The route winds through the central stretch of the Tiber where the monuments overlooking the river are numerous. There are numerous bridges that we will visit, unique will be the glance that the city will offer us, we are in Rome, the most beautiful city in the world.


The arrival point is near Ponte Sisto, here we will say goodbye and if you want we will meet again soon for another exciting adventure.

To book the excursion, call +39 349 553 2284 , provide your preference for the dates and once the minimum number to form a crew is reached, the descent will be organized.

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